Sunday, April 28, 2013

My unsolicited review, in writing-- by a MAN no less!!!

I have to blog this because it made me so happy. This is what just popped up in my inbox: "We recently received your book  Salt in the Sugar Bowl:
One of the best books I've ever read.  I love the characters. Enjoyed the story line. I especially enjoyed the action. I even shed a tear at the end. I experienced a whole range of emotions."

That made my day! It's my first unsolicited review in writing. I have new-found confidence. I choose to believe him. 
Now I want everyone to buy a copy!

Order yours at

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The big moments in life!

Salt in the Sugar Bowl is officially released! I'm really excited because I have always been the kind of person to minimize the importance of good things happening to and for me. It was almost like I was afraid to enjoy it. Or that I might not deserve it. So I'd downplay whatever it was and refuse to let it be a big deal.

Well, I guess I have grown quite a bit because I am going to enjoy this process. Already I have received some positive feedback. My colleague greated me Monday morning saying "I LOVED IT! I REALLY LOVED IT! and I LOVED hearing her say that, and I hope lots of people read it and enjoy it. I'm tickled to have a brand new book, and I'm thrilled that Main Street Rag thought enough of it to publish it!

So my thought on this beautiful spring evening is to encourage everybody to really acknowledge and enjoy the good things when they happen. The spiritual things I read allude to the fact that what we focus on increases. So when it's good, get into it, revel in it, let the joy of it run through you from hair to toenails! And hopefully that blissful gratitude will attract more of the same.

 So find out what happens when Sophia Sawyer walks away from her six children-- never to return. Order your copy of Salt in the Sugar Bowl today!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tina Turner-- the queen of priorities

I just watched Tina Turner in concert on Palladium. She was about 70 at the time it was filmed, and she was dancing in high heels, and she literally walked out on a plank suspended over the audience. Anytime I see Tina Turner, I am moved to live to the fullest. No excuses. She obviously works out and eats right and manages stress and controls her energy. All the things I write about. I know she is a Buddhist, and in the past she has talked about chanting. She is an example of what you can do when you set priorities. She is the queen of priorities. We're not talking about face lifts here; we're talking about stamina and working it. No easy breezy faking it. She is the real deal. So I'm committing here and now to six days--count 'em six days, of working out- at least 20 minutes. I want to be Tina when I grow up!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

change is not always necessary

I love this because I need to enjoy some things just as they are. Some things don't need changing. Part of our stress comes from the need to change things all the time. Fashion changes. Makeup changes. Technology changes. Rules at our jobs change. Change is the constant. Sometimes we balk because things change for no apparent reason. I used to believe in the "if it's not broke, don't fix it," but that no longer applies in our society.

So this picture reminds me that just because change is almost always a focus of our lives, we can still accept some things as they are--raw and real and not reframed to fit somebody's imagination. Imagination is great, but we need the wild and untamed to remember that life is already beautiful and powerful-- without our interference.