Sunday, September 22, 2013

The unexpected realization about routines

I've been back at work for about a month, and this week I had a strange revelation. I feel better when I'm going to work. This surprised me because I had a home-based writing business for 10 years until I went back to teaching. And  teachers (at least most of us) really look forward to the summer break. We work hard, and it's no joke having to teach young people who are often only marginally interested in what we're bringing. So, we are ecstatic when we have a break from the grueling performances that we deliver for ten months out of the year. And God knows we need a rest.

So I had a busy summer-- lots of activity surrounding my book Salt in the Sugar Bowl. I had something of a schedule, but to be honest, there was an undertone of half-stepping. I now know that during long breaks, I can't seem to get as much momentum going, and I often asked myself where the time went at the end of the day. I made a habit of writing down on the calendar  what I did every day of vacation, so I wouldn't feel like my vacation was wasted. It worked. I did a LOT, but I didn't feel the sense of satisfaction I expected. I was actually satisfied with my two months away from work, and was ready to go back to school and dive into learning a new aspect of the job in a new position.

What I realized this week is that the routine of work makes my body happy. I have more energy, I feel stronger, and I have a sense of contentment at the end of the day. Strangely enough, I now realize that, as much as I dig vacation and being at home, I'm a worker bee. I like having my lunch packed up in my backpack, getting up and exercising, making my liquid meals and taking a fistful of supplements, and driving through the streets before the air stales. Huh! Who knew? This is some new factor thrown into the equation. My soul seems to love the discipline inherent in a routine. My body thrives on it!!!!

I am not saying that I wouldn't love to have the lifestyle of a full-time writer. I have a lot to say. I'd love nothing better than to spend hour after hour travelling into my psyche and expunging what-all my soul wants to get said. BUT strolling across the hall in my teeshirt and comfy pants doesn't actually cut it for me. I get a bit too loosey-goosey, too vegged out and foggy. Huh! So maybe my new fantasy will entail having my own office to drive to and write in everyday. But until that happens, I am happier than I realized with my juggling routine-- pushing myself to teach well, write often, cook healthily, exercise consistently, and do it all again the next day.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Information that frees your soul

I might be redundant, but I'm getting happier. Writing the book and talking about some aspects of my life have made me more comfortable in the world. I'm coming to understand the kinds of things that are freeing me. These are some things I now understand:

- The things I'm afraid of usually aren't real. They are usually tied to some issue like abandonment or trust or questionable self esteem,
- The more you think of yourself, the more other people think of you because your energy is strong and clear, and the stronger and clearer you are, the less you drain others, so they like that feeling that you're not trying to suck anything from them.
- You don't have to be a team player. You just have to carve out a place for yourself that doesn't require a team. But you have to be proactive and find those places.
- Worry bogs you down and makes you old before your time.
- Being young isn't all it's cracked up to be.
- Being energetic, inspired, healthy and reasonably sure that you're on the right path is all that AND a bag a chips.

So, cheers! Go for it! Free yourself!

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