Friday, April 5, 2013

Tina Turner-- the queen of priorities

I just watched Tina Turner in concert on Palladium. She was about 70 at the time it was filmed, and she was dancing in high heels, and she literally walked out on a plank suspended over the audience. Anytime I see Tina Turner, I am moved to live to the fullest. No excuses. She obviously works out and eats right and manages stress and controls her energy. All the things I write about. I know she is a Buddhist, and in the past she has talked about chanting. She is an example of what you can do when you set priorities. She is the queen of priorities. We're not talking about face lifts here; we're talking about stamina and working it. No easy breezy faking it. She is the real deal. So I'm committing here and now to six days--count 'em six days, of working out- at least 20 minutes. I want to be Tina when I grow up!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Tina Turner!......she is a true inspiration!


  2. I am sure her earnest pursuit of spirituality has kept her vigorous and strong.


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