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Thanks for checking in. We all know life can be EXTREMELY complicated. I blog about recognizing and removing the barriers that sabotage our living well. 

- Nobody had perfect parents, so we all have issues.
- We struggle to keep up with work, personal goals, staying healthy, and all kinds of relationships.
- Our minds are busy, and they seem to often work against us.
- At the end of many days, we're disappointed about what didn't get done, how we failed, what we should have done.

So I blog about increasing personal awareness and finding balance so we can cut ourselves some slack. Let's stay grounded as we move forward in manageable steps. Perspective is everything, and I try to see around the corners so we can leverage what we've already got into more of what we want.

Follow me and give me feedback. You inspire me, and I'll try to inspire you. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

I've been living

I'm on spring break, and I've been running like crazy since the end of January. What have I been doing?
  • proofed galleys for Salt in the Sugar Bowl
  • got a new crop of students who have worked me to the hilt (technology is the new pencil!)
  • learned to send text messages (on a phone without a keyboard, mind you)
  • learned to use an MP3 player (I'm not as old as I sound-, but 'til now I've gone down the techno hiway kickin' & screamin')
  • proofed videos that my cousin made to promote my book (and they are GREAT!)
  • jumped out of my comfort zone and interacted with a lot of people about promotion
  • bought a rockin' new pocketbook
  • went to the beach with my husband
  • started meditating daily (again)
  • read a lot of indie books (poetry and fiction) and have been taken aback by how many of the best things are often flying below the radar
  • attended the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement and learned a lot of GOOD STUFF
  • started getting happier and happier-- day by day!
'nuff said.

Here's a picture I really like. I never know exactly why I like what I like. I wouldn't exactly want to be at that place, but I love nature, and I love adventure. But I'm rather like that armchair traveller that Anne Tyler wrote about in the Accidental Tourist.

Wild Spirit