Friday, March 29, 2013

I've been living

I'm on spring break, and I've been running like crazy since the end of January. What have I been doing?
  • proofed galleys for Salt in the Sugar Bowl
  • got a new crop of students who have worked me to the hilt (technology is the new pencil!)
  • learned to send text messages (on a phone without a keyboard, mind you)
  • learned to use an MP3 player (I'm not as old as I sound-, but 'til now I've gone down the techno hiway kickin' & screamin')
  • proofed videos that my cousin made to promote my book (and they are GREAT!)
  • jumped out of my comfort zone and interacted with a lot of people about promotion
  • bought a rockin' new pocketbook
  • went to the beach with my husband
  • started meditating daily (again)
  • read a lot of indie books (poetry and fiction) and have been taken aback by how many of the best things are often flying below the radar
  • attended the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement and learned a lot of GOOD STUFF
  • started getting happier and happier-- day by day!
'nuff said.

Here's a picture I really like. I never know exactly why I like what I like. I wouldn't exactly want to be at that place, but I love nature, and I love adventure. But I'm rather like that armchair traveller that Anne Tyler wrote about in the Accidental Tourist.

Wild Spirit