Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Heart Time

Yesterday I woke up feeling like the bottom of an old shoe-- just worn all the way out. So I went to my naturopath and herbalist, Margie Mulholland (   
Timberlake Herb Store

(Isn't this place a gem in this age of overkill?)
She wasn't surprised to see me because "I'm on the path" and I'm "sensitive." She told me it's heart time. It's the time of the year when the atmosphere heats up, and our hearts will feel it the most. Those with heart issues of any and all kinds might need some extra support. It's a time to stay cool and not get too overheated.

Ironically, I'm increasing my use of cayenne pepper and taking cayenne capsules because it stimulates the system and improves circulation. I'm also up-ing my CoenzymeQ10 which is something of a miracle in itself.

Today I'm feeling way better; luckily, my remedies are most often found in nature. My tips: Know your body. Listen to your body. Respond when it talks to you! 

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